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Tournament Week Details

July 28, 2020

On-site Credentialed Media Access

  • All media members will be provided tournament-specific credentials that should be worn at all times.
  • If you are a season-long credential holder and approved to attend the Pinnacle Bank Championship, you should wear your
  • PGA TOUR-issued credential in addition to your tournament credential; however, credentialed media will NOT have access to:
    • Practice areas;
    • Locker room;
    • Clubhouse or player parking lot;
    • Inside the ropes; there will be no rope and stake at Pinnacle Bank Championship, so media members are required to walk on the cart path at all times; with no spectators on the course, this will still provide media with a clear view of the competition.
  • Media credentials are non-transferable to others from the designee’s media outlet without prior approval.
  • On a space-available basis, credentialed media will receive their own workspace designated for the entire week; workspaces may not be rotated or transferred during the week (i.e. no “hot desks”).

Player Interviews

  • All interviews will be facilitated by Korn Ferry Tour Media Officials; media is prohibited from approaching players on their own.
  • Player interviews will take place virtually or in the Flash Area ONLY; access to the Flash Area will be extremely limited and determined by Korn Ferry Tour Media Officials (i.e. an on-site media credential does not guarantee Flash Area access).
  • When applicable, interviews may be facilitated by phone calls between a player and media member, to be coordinated by media official. Zoom and/or Teams interviews may also be used in instances when the Flash Area is not a possibility (inclement weather, etc.).
  • The Korn Ferry Tour will provide a pool reporter and at times a pool camera in the Flash Area; interview audio, video and transcripts will be available for download in the Virtual Media Center.

Media Center Operations

  • The Media Center will be open Tuesday through Sunday.
  • Media dining will be grab-and-go meals and beverages, with hygiene protocols in place; there will not be seating in a specific dining area; meals will be eaten at personal workspaces or outdoors.
  • The media center will not offer lockers for equipment storage. Parking is available in the clubhouse lot.
  • Printed materials will not be available; all tournament information (pairings, notes, tee times, etc.) will be available electronically.
  • The flash area will be located outside the clubhouse near player scoring.

Virtual Media Center
To assist media who will not have on-site access to cover the season resumption, the PGA TOUR has created a Virtual Media Center. All media regulations remain in place. Approved media will have access to the PGA TOUR Virtual Media Center, which will include assets such as:

  • Daily pairings, hole locations, tournament notes;
  • Stats reports;
  • Interview transcripts when available;
  • Complimentary photos, audio (MP3s) and video (b-roll, competition highlights, player interviews) for use, per PGA TOUR Media Regulations.