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Pinnacle Bank Championship Searching For Player Housing Volunteers

July 12, 2023

The Pinnacle Bank Championship Looking for Local Families To House Tournament Competitors

Omaha, known for its warm hospitality and vibrant community spirit, is once again gearing up to host the highly-anticipated Pinnacle Bank Championship. This annual event brings together talented golfers from all over the world, showcasing their skills as they fight for their spot on the PGA TOUR. To support this tournament, The Pinnacle Bank Championship is looking for volunteers interested in hosting a golfer.

The Pinnacle Bank Championship, scheduled for August 7th to August 13th, is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of golf and a testament to Omaha’s deep-rooted passion for this historic sport. As the excitement builds, we invite the community to participate in this incredible experience by opening their homes to the talented athletes who will be competing for the championship on the fairways of The Club at Indian Creek.

Hosting a golfer for the Pinnacle Bank Championship is a unique chance for volunteers to immerse themselves in the tournament’s exciting atmosphere, forge lasting connections with the players and their families, and create memories they will cherish for a lifetime. By becoming a host, volunteers will have the chance to support these dedicated athletes and become an integral part of the Pinnacle Bank Championship.

John and Debbie Birge have housed players for the past two years and have been great advocates for the program. “Our daughter, Alexis [Boulos], got us into hosting. We had heard several stories overtime about how much fun it has been for host families,” said John Birge. “It’s been a very rewarding experience.”

Not only will volunteers witness firsthand the skill and determination displayed by these rising stars of the game but will also have the opportunity to spend quality time with these golfers. “Our friends have also hosted players in the past and sometimes we’d bring the guys we were hosting together to have dinner,” said John Birge. “All of them have been so incredible, smart and polite, and they’re all chasing that dream. They have a tough job; pushing and pushing for that next step, and that’s a huge commitment.”

Being a host is an enriching experience that offers a window into the life of a professional golfer. As a host, volunteers will provide a comfortable and welcoming environment, offering the players a home away from home. Whether it’s sharing a meal together, swapping stories, or supporting them on the course, volunteers will forge bonds that transcend the tournament itself. “Our friends hosted Kyle Westmoreland, who got his PGA card, and to sit and listen to his stories and get to know his story was incredibly enriching,” said John Birge.

If volunteers are interested in hosting a golfer for the Pinnacle Bank Championship, we encourage them to visit our website or contact our Player Relations Director, Kim Zillig.

“You will meet incredible young people who have such a strong work ethic and are great role models. The odds are stacked against them, and they fight tooth and nail to make that next step professionally. It’s just been a great experience for my friends and family,” said John Birge.